Friday, October 10, 2008


OH YEAH! 5th Month with the wife <3. So fun and (cute)? CUTE! yes CUTE! The wife that is :p. Well anyways, our day is like "woooooot!".

First is because, when I saw her outside MAPUA, she stepped into the rain and spun, yea.. spun.. well something like that, and she's SOO CUTE when she did that! :D. Of course, I went to her spot and unleashed my oh so awesome umbrella! (but it's small, really). Why awsome? Coz it's.. cute.. yea, cute.. well let's move on. After that spinning in the rain thing, we, with his friend Paul, went to Jabi (Jollibee) and ate. After eating, Paul went back to MAPUA for his next class and, me and my wife <3 went to Trinoma.

Second is because of the mrt car. We're in the spot where you can see the driver's seat (middle car I think). I (YES ME!) saw it, and was tempted to get inside of it and press those button things >:D, so evil of me. But of course, my wife was there, she looked at me like an angry Taygorr and of course, yours truly got scared and stopped. And then, she said "cute asawa :D".

Third was when we're at Trinoma. We ate at Mcdo (actually, she just ate some fries and a sundae while I ate a burger meal set). THIS IS THE MOST LOLABLE AND UNFORGETABLE PART! SO READ! :D. Anyways, after eating, she didn't finish her coke and her sundae. What she did was, mixed the coke within the sundae, or vice versa, and made me drink it. And she told me that if I didn't drink it, she won't marry me. Of course, I got scared, but I LOLED like hell, same goes to her. She put a timer on me by counting from 1 to 10, and if that count expires, she will break up with me. I even asked her why she wanted me to drink it, and she replied, "for cuteness purpose". OK! THEN! I drank.. it... and.. I coughed HARD! But still laughing. To tell you guys the truth, the liquid nearly went out of my nose, yes! my nose! LOL! After the hard coughing, my wife <3 LOLED and embraced and kissed me :D. Then, we went to the counter and asked for some water (coz I'm oh so red). After that, she went to the comfort room to freshen up, and same goes to me. Then, we strolled and strolled until we decided to go home.

To end the day, I escorted her to the "tricycle" stop near their house (not really near, but that's the final stop). The day was GREAT! I had fun, and YES! It was another unforgetable moment with my wife <3. I wish that this relationship would last till our last ounce of breath. And I'll make it happen!

@Wife <3

Off Topic:
Of course you guys! I could not have made it to my graduation without you! PWETS, EVIL QUARTET, EXODUZ! You guys are my family, and will always be a part of my family! THANK YOU! :D

Saturday, October 4, 2008

OMG I'm alive!

After 1,472,636987,567, hours of being in-active in this blog (yawn), I've decide to post a new entry, and HERE IT IS! Ok I'm done. Kidding :D.

Well anyways, your one and only Assassin is back to blogging. Now now, what topic... AHH YES! The most awaited Graduation :D. After 7 (or 8) years in PUP, FINALLY! OH YEA!, I'm about to graduate with a bachelor's degree of Bachelor in Cooperatives, Major in Financial Management and Accounting. Well obviously, i could not have done it without any inspirations (specially this year). A special thank you to my wife <3, who gives me insipration in studying. Also, thanks to my parents who worked hard on giving me my allowance, tuition, and some other stuffs. Well ok! I think I'm done! :D. Again, I'm kidding.

So what's new? Mmm.. What I'm about to share to you guys is a new release from E-Games. A new MMORPG is to be released around November, December or January (don't know when, just wait for it within those months). Am I done now? NO, I must continue, or SOMEONE will kill me :D.

Well anyways, what've I been doing these past 1,472,636987,567, hours? Well, I can only say one thing about it, and that's, loving my wife <3, Krizsa Ruth J. Valdez. The only girl that seemed to tame me (and no I am NOT an animal). The only girl whom I dedicate my life with, and the only girl that gives me the will to DO and RISK anything just for our happiness. Being with her makes me E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y happy. And I wish that this happiness will end till our hair turns gray.

Well, that's that :D. I hope you guys would enjoy reading this boring blog. Goodnight and take care. This is your Assassin, saying.. 'iskadush'.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CABAL Online to be launched in Domination II

Here’s one thing you guys shouldn’t miss in Domination II!

Brace yourselves as e-Games launches the newest, action-packed MMORPG that will change the way you play online games. CABAL Online, the third-person MMORPG that combines futuristic, fantasy and medieval themes into one action-packed, sophisticated role playing adventure, will be unleashed on April 6 in Domination II.

With this exciting news, we’re inviting all of you to visit the CABAL booth on the event, and experience for yourselves the revolution of action. Engage in the freeplay activities and other great stuff in store for all of you.

Here’s what you can expect from CABAL Online:

The game boasts of six playable characters namely: (1)Warrior (2) Blader (3) Wizard (4) Force Archer (5) Force Sheilder and (6)Force Blader.

A unique experience awaits local gamers in CABAL Online. The game’s exceptional features include the following:
  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) shows the player’s current location as well as party members, NPC and quest dungeons, warp gates as well as hunting field and difficulty level of monsters.
  • Skill Points (used to improve battle skills) and Character Stats (strength, dexterity, and intelligence) develop separately so they can freely schedule their leveling activities according to their target level or skills.
  • The complex storyline of the game also allows players to take on hundreds of quests and grow their characters consistently even without too much grinding and party leveling.
  • <>
  • At certain level, players can undergo quest that will give them the privilege of owning a futuristic core-driven hover bike called Astral Bike.
  • Nation Battles involve the allying of players to a nation (Capella or Procyon) by undergoing a nation quest. Players can kill other characters of opposing nation in this feature.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Truze Relaxes at Korean Audition Online

After a long wait of the new sets of Beat Up songs in Philippine Audition Online, I trained myself on one of the grandest stages of audition, the Korean Audition Online.

Here, i created a record from one of the songs in the said server, and it took me a while to perfect the song. And there it is.

This song is one of the most popular songs in Japan (country), sang by one of the most famous bands named L`arc~en~Ciel.

Song: Seventh Heaven
Artist: L`arc~en~Ciel
Score: 620432
Combo: 837 (max)
Perfect: 626
Great: 210
Cool: 1
Bad: 0
Miss: 0